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160,000 millennials in Hong Kong

Partner with specific student societies to spread your Facebook content


Why are we better?

Faster results

We help you get fast results for your campaigns. Our average time to mobilize a thousand shares: 2 days!

"Launchpilots is fast. The moment you enable a campaign, a customer gets results quickly. "
David Rosa
Co-Founder, NEAT

Quality engagement

Engage your audience, instead of pushing ads to them. By leveraging peer influence, we drive an average of 3000 pieces of content shared, with a clickthru rate of 12.29%.

"You get real people engagement, from a comprehensive database of university communities all in one place"
Ashley Galina
Managing Director, Alarice International

Actionable Insights

Monitor progress, explain results and optimize campaigns with real-time tracking and direct feedback from millennial participants.

"Launchpilots was very responsive and provided insights based on student feedback regarding what can and cannot be done."
Gigi Wong
Asst. Digital Marketing Supervisor, Fimmick

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+30,000 unique clicks in one week for an international bank's credit card promotion

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9% conversion rate and 10x more engagement for a Mobile App

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How does it work?

1. Select audience

Choose your target audience based on their interests, location or educational background

2. Select content

Based on your conversion type, choose from our winning content templates or create your own

3. Track conversions

Keep track of content sharing progress and social engagement stats on our real-time dashboard.

Optimize your campaign with feedback from participants and our personalized recommendations.

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